Need a Good RPG Host?

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If your looking for a good role-playing game (RPG) Game Master, adventure designer, content editor, or even a good NPC or PC player? Ste-Daw Designs does it all!

Need someone to run an RPG adventure for your group?

I've been involved in both playing and running various RPG's for more than 25 years! I've also been a game designer and writer for Palladium Books for more than ten years. I've even been a special guest writer multiple times at both the local Nuke-Con gaming convention as well as several Palladium Books Open House events.

If that's not enough convincing, I'm also the admin and Host of the House of BTS, a fan site for the Beyond the Supernatural Role-Palying Game, one of my personal favorite RPG lines to run and write for.

The point of all the above is that I've got a LOT of RPG experience, in all its aspects!

Need someone to tailor make an RPG Adventure?

Looking for a specific kind or style of RPG adventure? I can design it, write it up and even run it for you!

Need someone to play an important NPC or PC
in your RPG?

I've been a Game Master and Player for virtually every kind of character and genre there is. If your RPG is in need of a specific kind of NPC or PC - whether it be short term or long term - I'm just the guy to contact and handle them for you! Provide me with character sheets, their details and the information the character needs to know and I'm ready to role play the character as you see fit!

Want to be a better Player Character or Game Master?

I've handled many, many panels on how to be a better gamer in all aspects and I'd be happy to teach you all I know. Whether its a one-on-one enviornment or observing and teaching your gamer group as you play, I'm here for you!

RPG's I Specialize In:

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Beyond the Supernatural:


Dead Reign:


Heroes Unlimited:

Note: You may have noticed that I've not added any Fantasy games above. As Fantasy is the most played and easily accessible type of RPG out there, I made the conscious decision to not run them myself. Instead I run other genre's that are harder to find for those who want them. If you need a good Fantasy RPG GM/Host, I can recomend a few.

And as always, I offer all of this at reasonable rates!

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