Rates Page

As this is such a new and different kind of business venture, my rates aren't iron clad and can be negotiated (to a point), but the list below provides guidelines to work with...

As far as payments go, you can make them via Paypal (ask for right e-mail address) or I accept cash. Either method must be handled before the hosted event.

My requirements:

Due to my experiences with game maintenance at Spielbound, I've learned a lot about what NOT to do to keep games in good and playable shape. So I require the following at all of my hosted events:

- No eating or drinking at the game table. I can provide TV trays for drinks if requested to keep nearby the playing area to help alleviate this issue.

- Everyone's hands always need to be washed before hand, including my own. This is for sanitary purposes as well as keeping greasy fingers from ruining the game materials.

- The playing area must be cleaned before hand. Again this is to avoid grease or other toxins getting into the game materials (you be amazed - if not a little horrified - by what pizza grease does to cards and cardboard).

- I have a "you break it you bought it" policy with my games. I know accidents happen, but the average cost of a game is $40-$80 these days. To keep my rates low (as opposed to raising them in anticipation of "cost of business related expenses") you can either replace the broken parts (if able) or purchase a new game to replace the old one outright.

So what are we waiting for? Let's schedule an event!

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